Singer/songwriter/performer Josie Diels brings soaring melodies, insightful lyrics, and impassioned vocals to songs that often have listeners saying, “I feel that song was written just for me.”

As the founder of Bouva, Josie and her five fellow bandmates brought a unique style of pop/rock with a trip-hoppy meets classical meets blues bent that Newsday noted as a “welcome addition to the area’s pop scene.” Bouva’s music was featured in several t.v. shows and award-nominated indie films and they performed regularly in NYC and throughout the US—including opening for No Doubt as well as Wilco.

After releasing their fourth album, Done, Josie was encouraged to explore her ever-expanding catalogue of songs with a more introspective direction. She found her way to a little house in New York’s Hudson Valley and began working on this new approach. Tapping her classical piano training to form the skeleton of her arrangements, she set out to record stripped down piano and vocal tracks.

Not one so adept with manuals and knobs, Josie had no idea she would or could produce anything other than the song itself but to her shock and surprise, she recorded what became the self-produced project, The Music.

Because she has so much to say, she has two blogs and has also recently completed a non-fiction manuscript with the working title Switchophrenia, which she will release in conjunction with an album of songs themed to the book.

For the latest updates, obsessions, and new music developments, visit the blog and follow Josie on social media.