Observed Into Words

I’m not the greatest with technology so while I figure things out about creating new links here to my other web worlds, I thought I’d just mention here that my non-music, and somewhat neglected blog can be found here: http://josiediels.com/observedintowords.

I am definitely overdue for a few new “Wiki Looks” posts. This weekend alone I Wikipedia’d: Heathers, Aruba, Youku, Pomeranian, Titanium, Midnight Cowboy, and Body Double.

More links to videos are also forthcoming. Speaking of which, the director for my video, Beauty Inside, recommended I also post on Youku which seems to be the Chinese version of YouTube.  I proceeded to take his advice and blindly navigated a totally Chinese website, hoping I wasn’t agreeing to things that aren’t true and using Google translator for every single character. Just think about every step one has to take to register on a new site!  My ambitions to post more than one video on Saturday waned though my desire to learn the Chinese alphabet was piqued.