Observed into Words
Just sayin'–My writings that aren't songs

I am such a curious person, knowledge junkie.  Now, with Wiki right at one’s finger tips, the not so good thing is sometimes I look something up before I let my memory actually find the answer.  Sometimes, I simply don’t know, and, in those instances, it’s great to have this Googly thing. So, I am [...]

A writing blog I follow posted about the generational shifts in what is considered YA. YA wasn’t even a genre when I was a kid, to my knowledge. My response: As pop culture phenoms, I read Twilight and Harry Potter to see all the fuss, and I couldn’t put either down, though I stopped at [...]


When I was reading The Jungle a few weeks ago, there was a word that jumped out at me. It was a word my dad sometimes used and I realized it was some ancient vernacular. This was my experience. At the time, I didn’t know it was different than others. My dad was so much [...]

The other night, I pulled over on the street to change from flats to heels while walking from my apartment to a party in the East Village. As I approached the last 2 blocks, I found a public stoop and took a seat. I pulled out the right platform boot, and pulled off my slip [...]

I quit my day job. It was PR.  High profile. For an awesome boss, awesome company, awesome clients. But I just wanted something else. Flying free was scary. Without family, literally on my own, not having a day job was a big leap.  I had saved up a bit but wasn’t comfortable without any income [...]

I just received my high school alma mater’s annual giving report.  It was more detailed than ever, showcasing how people are giving, how much people are giving, and who is giving.  This year they broke it out further, highlighting parents who give, alumni who give, teachers who give, percentages of each class who have given, [...]

radio dj

I always thought it so odd that in such a diverse metropolis like New York, the radio sucked so badly. A  piece in the Telegraph the other day discussed a study that found listening to radio makes British people 100% happier than watching TV. They covered various points as to why—imagination, being able to multi task, [...]

As a kid, I dreamed big dreams in my living room. I always say I had little imagination back then, that t.v. was my big influence, and that I was so hard on myself about my drawing skills–comparing to my friends and peers in class–that I never did much visual art.  Music and performing was [...]