Text Book This And That

How am I feeling changes all the time but the broad strokes were “text book” nausea and queasiness (non-stop) the first trimester and the most extreme fatigue I have ever experienced.  I think I slept most of November.  Like a sloth.  Like what people say about having Mono.  For someone who isn’t so into napping, it was a shocker.  And did nothing for my chronic list making combined with feeling bad about myself for being lazy.

Then, in December, I got a cold so that was scary. I had heeded doctor advice and gotten the flu shot days before but the cold came anyway.  Bad headcold then cough. It was one that wouldn’t leave and that is precisely when I started turning to the internet in earnest for all sorts of advice, which leads to panic.  Lots of advice. Lots of opinions. Lots of information.  Take this, don’t take that, and so on.  As it turned out, per doctor’s approval, I took Sudafed a few times, and some generic Robitussin for a few days when the cough was just out of control and I worried little bebe would get jostled about.  Still, I tried to keep those med efforts to a minimum nonetheless.  Finally, a trip to LA and Palm Springs in January seemed to get the rest of the funk out and by then I was in the second trimester phase which people say is characterized by more energy–the honeymoon period.  This was true.  I didn’t feel a magnetic pull to the couch.

Now, with 6 weeks to go, I am prone to more napping and sticking to the earlier (like before midnight) bedtimes that have been a new concept for me too.  This is also apparently “text book” for the third trimester.  So is heartburn, which I have often.  And an aversion to many smells, even ones that should be pleasant.  This is evident by the abundance of  hand soap we have accumulated, as nothing I bought appealed to me or, if it did in the store, promptly disgusted me.  But unlike “text book” , I haven’t had many major cravings, though I have been extraordinarily partial to pizza and pasta and noodle soups throughout (which doesn’t help the heartburn but did appeal to the early phase nausea).  I am also happy to report, that I have been sleeping pretty well, thanks in part to Matt’s gifting of a miraculous Snoogle.